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The FOs
December 8, 2007, 12:15 am
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Mmmmm…my first malabrigo became this…

Soooo soft and I wear them all the time (specially when on my comp, like now)

In other news…

Wisp in Kid silk haze of course! I lurv this scarf, though it does shed quite a bit on my coat. It has also inspired several requests to teach some friends to knit. Yay for missionary work?


I’m Baaaack
December 6, 2007, 7:30 pm
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Bonjour mes amies! Its been over a month since I posted… but I have reasons

1. my camera cord hated me and ran away, it has since been found cowering on a corner of my recently unearthed desk.

2. My computer hated me and decided to simple stop charging. And of course it couldn’t be a simple problem with the cord, that would be to easy. No, the mother board had to be changed.

Now things are well and I have several UFOs as well as yarny aquisitions. But in the interest of not having a mile long post they will be introduced gradually.

First yarn, because who doesn’t love yarn?

My firstever skein of STR! I’m not much of a sock knitter, but I love sock yarn. Therefore I knit socks. I know I could knit other things with it, but it isn’t that I don’t like knitting sock: I do. I really like the finished ones too since I really enjoy woolen socks and it is really hard to find store bought socks that are as cushy and hard wearing (though REI has nice hiking socks I wear with my tennis, but for that price why not knit them?)

BTW it’s the Carbon Dating colorway, I lurv it.

Starting at the top clockwise

Abundant yarn and Dyeworks hand dyes (the yellow and pink up there) dyed by one of my favorite yarny places (though it is a bit of a drive) in Selwood. The base yarn is Trekking Super. Mostly I bought it because it matched my favorite red flats.

Blue Malabrigo (angelic choir sings) one of two of my first skeins of Malabrigo (both from same trip and yarn store) the first has become a pair of Dashing, to be posted later. Not sure what this will become. Hat? Gloves? Mittens? I like to occasionally pet it though.

last but not least, Shibui sock in the pebble colorway, was going to be a purl bee beret but  I ran short of yarn because I knit the unshaped portion a titch long. I think I might knit a top down version of the same hat to max slouchy factor while still allowing the thing to actually be finished.

Thats it for now. But there is more to come including: more yarn, 4 FOs, and a WIP. Also you may get to see some of my handmade christmas gifts, some knitted some not.

Home Sickyness
October 22, 2007, 4:10 pm
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Not homesick mind you, just at home sick. Got a nasty bug this weekend and mother dearest made me stay home. I have a bad habit of going to school sick, unless I’m hacking up a lung. I hate missing school. Staying at home is dull as a river rock.

But I have been knitting, first an FO from Thursday.

C’est Le Slouch!

Pattern: Le Slouch of Knit and Tonic

Yarn: Silk Garden of unknown lot, knit from stash (aren’t you so proud?)

Mods: st st instead of moss, but thats it!

Comments: Love, love, love this pattern, and my new hat! I usually have the roughest time finding hats that look nice on my head at all, but this hat recieves the rating of Bestest Hat EVAR.

Now that my head has tasted the glory of hand knit wooly goodness for the first time in a long time it begs, nay DEMANDS more. Thus a long running need to knit a Ysolda pattern is fullfilled.

Half a days knitting after cast-on and I’m still only half the way to the crown decreases.

Hopfully though I’ll have a new hat to fend off the cold for the football game friday. I can’t say whether or not the weather will cooperate and stay dry though. :)

October 7, 2007, 7:09 pm
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 Just finished a marathon of homework. second time this week that I’ve had to do over 6 hours of it in one day. Can’t whine to much about this one though, since I didn’t finish much HW Saturday because JoAnns was having their Columbus day sale YAY! I picked up fabric for two jackets. I am determined to become a better seamstress, right now I can’t make much beyond skirts. But more on those later.

Miss Bennet est fini! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out too, maybe not my favorite but it will definatly get some wear. In fact I’ve already worn it to school (it has been done for about a week now.) I’m really please with my seaming job, which is generally horrid.

Pattern: Mrs Darcy from Ramblings of a Knitting Obsessive

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in Pine  (6 balls)

Size: 38in bust

Mods: Changed size (original includes only one) and gauge from heavy worsted to dk.

I still have 4 balls left, I thought I was going to need 9! Not that I’m complaining since it is a favorite of mine.

On to new stuff: no new yarn, but I do have new books. Classic Knits by Erika Knight and KnitKnit. Right now I’m working on the shrug from Classic Knits with the Kid Classic. What happened to Bridges you say? Well, I remembered several things about my own knitting habits A: I like mindless knitting B: I’m already stressed enough without having knitting issues C: Most of my knitting gets done while reading textbooks for school nd finally D: I like mindless knitting. Besides I do love me a good shrug and it will get alot more wear this way. Oh and I love this yarn, tis wonderfully plushy and soft and I kind of just want to cocoon up in it.

KnitKnit is one of the funner books I’ve bought in a while, even if I never knit anything from it. I love the really out-there instalations like the giant knitted fiberglass teddy bear. And even though I wouldn’t knit most of the designs in the book there are several I would and the others I will definatly draw insperation from.

Along with the patterns there are interviews with each designer which are an interesting read. But I won’t say much about those other then BUY THIS BOOK AND READ THEM seriously, if your at all interested in knitted art stuff or design in general I think it is a good source of ideas.

As for the to-knit list there are two imminent ones: Bridie and the Convertable Cardigan by Anna Bell and Wenlan Chin respectivly. Bridie is my favorite and I am on the look out for yarn, though I need to clear out at least one of the current sweaters first. I’m thinking of using some stash cascade pima tencel for the Convertable Cardi, but I cant decide if the bulk of it (I would have to double it) will make it really saggy. The original yarn has 30% cotton in it, but also 70% silk. I think I might start a sleeve and then hang it on a cork board and see how gravity takes its toll.

checking in…
September 18, 2007, 8:31 pm
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I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth(yet)

So…. I bought yarn… 7 balls kid classic in this yummy red for Bridges from the new rowan and yarn to knit the minimalist cardi from interweave. I ordered it from Webs, thus saving money yay!!

Mrs Bennet is progressing well, I’ve finished 1 sleeve, the back, and 1 front. I’m slightly distracted by knitting a hat: Le Slouch from Knit and Tonic. Now hopefully I’ll have an FO to show you soon.

Toasty says hi. He is complaining of chill and wants a scarf. Oi. Must get on that. Cold toast is bad.

Toasty the Amazing Knitting Cheerleader
August 27, 2007, 8:39 pm
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A few days ago a funny little food showed up: Toasty. Toasty isn’t demanding and is even pocket size for your convinence, good thing too because he doesn’t seem to want to leave anytime soon.

He also seems to get along with the other residents.

There is only one thing were Toasty is at all demanding: knitting. Toasty does not knit himself, the lack of arms is a bit limiting, but this does not stop Toasty from acting as a knitting coach. Upon seeing the mear four or so inches of the first sleeve of Mrs Darcy he became very conserned about my productivity. He thinks I could knit much faster. I tried to explain that my calculus summer assignment got in the way (darn school schedulaling is forcing the evil of calc upon me, giving me only a few days in which to finish the assignment.) but Toasty stood firm.

I suppose I can’t complain, after all the little guy offered to be a knitting cheerleader and bring me fortifying cookies, until of course he remembered he couldn’t really carry them.

Felted Tweed Owns My Soul (or at least my wallet)
August 26, 2007, 5:42 pm
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So yeah, I bought more yarn. Its 10 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed in the Pine colorway. The Knitting Bee’s shipment had luckily come in today and the boxes weren’t even open because they only ordered one bag of that color. I tried to photograph the yummy greenness that is this yarn; but the clouds in Oregon hate me.

So instead of being productive and doing something like say, the laundry I re-cast on for the Mrs Darcy cardigan. (I say re-cast on because this sweater was originally going to be knit out of some Felted tweed from the stash, but the yarn gods did not look kindly on the on hand yardage.) I have been adjusting the pattern for the new DK gauge and it has been going nicely. No pictures just yet because 7 inches of 1×1 ribbing isn’t that exciting.

BTW the donut is for my friend who recently ran off to college on the east coast. He complains of lack of baked goods, despite the nice buffet. His girlfriend (and one of my good friends) and I are sending a care package from back home full of inside joke goodies, so the donut will be making the trans-continental voyage in the next week or so.

DoKnit from Craftbits

Yarn: oddballs of Blue Sky Alpaca cotton

Needles: 4mm bamboo dpns