Toasty Knits

The FOs
December 8, 2007, 12:15 am
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Mmmmm…my first malabrigo became this…

Soooo soft and I wear them all the time (specially when on my comp, like now)

In other news…

Wisp in Kid silk haze of course! I lurv this scarf, though it does shed quite a bit on my coat. It has also inspired several requests to teach some friends to knit. Yay for missionary work?


I’m Baaaack
December 6, 2007, 7:30 pm
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Bonjour mes amies! Its been over a month since I posted… but I have reasons

1. my camera cord hated me and ran away, it has since been found cowering on a corner of my recently unearthed desk.

2. My computer hated me and decided to simple stop charging. And of course it couldn’t be a simple problem with the cord, that would be to easy. No, the mother board had to be changed.

Now things are well and I have several UFOs as well as yarny aquisitions. But in the interest of not having a mile long post they will be introduced gradually.

First yarn, because who doesn’t love yarn?

My firstever skein of STR! I’m not much of a sock knitter, but I love sock yarn. Therefore I knit socks. I know I could knit other things with it, but it isn’t that I don’t like knitting sock: I do. I really like the finished ones too since I really enjoy woolen socks and it is really hard to find store bought socks that are as cushy and hard wearing (though REI has nice hiking socks I wear with my tennis, but for that price why not knit them?)

BTW it’s the Carbon Dating colorway, I lurv it.

Starting at the top clockwise

Abundant yarn and Dyeworks hand dyes (the yellow and pink up there) dyed by one of my favorite yarny places (though it is a bit of a drive) in Selwood. The base yarn is Trekking Super. Mostly I bought it because it matched my favorite red flats.

Blue Malabrigo (angelic choir sings) one of two of my first skeins of Malabrigo (both from same trip and yarn store) the first has become a pair of Dashing, to be posted later. Not sure what this will become. Hat? Gloves? Mittens? I like to occasionally pet it though.

last but not least, Shibui sock in the pebble colorway, was going to be a purl bee beret but  I ran short of yarn because I knit the unshaped portion a titch long. I think I might knit a top down version of the same hat to max slouchy factor while still allowing the thing to actually be finished.

Thats it for now. But there is more to come including: more yarn, 4 FOs, and a WIP. Also you may get to see some of my handmade christmas gifts, some knitted some not.