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Home Sickyness
October 22, 2007, 4:10 pm
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Not homesick mind you, just at home sick. Got a nasty bug this weekend and mother dearest made me stay home. I have a bad habit of going to school sick, unless I’m hacking up a lung. I hate missing school. Staying at home is dull as a river rock.

But I have been knitting, first an FO from Thursday.

C’est Le Slouch!

Pattern: Le Slouch of Knit and Tonic

Yarn: Silk Garden of unknown lot, knit from stash (aren’t you so proud?)

Mods: st st instead of moss, but thats it!

Comments: Love, love, love this pattern, and my new hat! I usually have the roughest time finding hats that look nice on my head at all, but this hat recieves the rating of Bestest Hat EVAR.

Now that my head has tasted the glory of hand knit wooly goodness for the first time in a long time it begs, nay DEMANDS more. Thus a long running need to knit a Ysolda pattern is fullfilled.

Half a days knitting after cast-on and I’m still only half the way to the crown decreases.

Hopfully though I’ll have a new hat to fend off the cold for the football game friday. I can’t say whether or not the weather will cooperate and stay dry though. :)